Put your money where your heart is.

You're unique. Other investing services aren't.

Sector lets you build a portfolio you believe in.

You begin with a thoroughly diversified, tax-aware, fully automatic, passive investment strategy, and then make it your own, kicking out companies and industries you don't believe in and doubling down on those you do. It should be your index, not Standard's or Poor's.

Francine is working hard to destroy her competitors, and wants to kick them out of her IRA.

Warren looked at the airline industry's cumulative losses (total historical industry profit of negative $37.7 billion) and wants to give every airline the boot.

Kelly doesn't like big box stores, he happily pays more to shop locally. He wants to give big box stores the boot.

Two major innovations power this personalization:

MicroShares Sector provides the ability to buy a millionth of a share of an issue for added flexibility.

Direct Investment Sector directly invests in each issue, using MicroShare technology so that everyone can have the fine-grained control that was previously reserved for billionaires.